Monday, June 16, 2008

blow my mind away

watch the youtube. this is a REAL revolution and not some cheapskate adaptation or redesign, but a real revolution

at the edge of my world

Holding on to you,
never letting go,
you have saved my soul,
you have made me whole.

you took my brokenness and filled me with your joy
all i long to do is worship
all i long to do is bring you praise
for nothing compares to you
my Saving Grace

Sunday, April 13, 2008

A day in Kuala Selangor

Here are some pics from our Expedition Mammal merit trip to K.Selangor (as promised chris :)
The water hole where migratory birds come every year between sept and march. will surely comeback then again
it's kinda sad that this tower is in repair and cannot be excessed.
how high you soar o'mighty king of the sky...

the gang : Mr Jeff Goh, Petrina, Christopher 'piper' Tan, and Brian Tan

Thursday, August 30, 2007

an image a day keeps blindness away

my new photoblog.

Thursday, May 17, 2007

The Lonely Road (no more)

So long had I travelled the lonely road,
Though, now and again, a wayfairing friend
Walked shoulder to shoulder, and lightened the load,
I often would think to myself as I strode,
No comrade will journey with you to the end.

And it seemed to me, as the days went past,
And I gossiped with cronies, or brooded alone,
By wayside fires, that my fortune was cast
To sojourn by other men's hearths to the last,
And never to come to my own hearthstone.

The lonely road no longer I roam.
We met, and were one in the heart's desire.
Together we came, through the wintry gloam,
To the little old house by the cross-ways, home;
And crossed the threshold, and kindled the fire.

Wilfrid Wilson Gibson

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The week begins with...

Bad news : my ibook is going to the hospital 2mrw for diagnosis. This is the second time it has threaten to totally give up on me. The first was when i was back home for the holidays in December (06). What's wrong this time? My baby would run smoothly for the first 15 minutes, after which it will start throwing a fit by running any applications 10 times slower. I wasted 3 DVDs trying to burn all my April photos. They now reside in my external HD. I really hope the doctors at the apple centre can tell me what's making her sick. my poor poor baby :(
Good news : We are having steamboat for UL this week :P woohoo! food has this power to make you forget all your blues. and... PRAiiSSSE the LORD, he brought me out of a high fever in just a few days last week! 3 days to be exact. God knows that with finals just around the corner i can't be lying in bed :P

Oh, the picture above was someting i had to shot for my class 2day. At least the ibook is still good for something, even if it's just backdrop material haha

and my respect and honor goes out to my mom...blessed mothers day!
and remember mom... 'only malaysian women give birth to real men ;)'

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

A mood a day

I felt bloaty after dinner at KOK. darn you TJ for introducing me to the best egg chiffon rice in melbourne! :P

A wise chinese man bestowed upon me some useful chinese proverbs :
"Man who run in front of car get tired."
"Man who run behind car get exhausted."
"Man who drive like hell bound to get there."
and the one i liked the most...
"Man with one chop stick go hungry."

i grin like this when i see a pretty face.

and Paul i have to do this. i'm glad you found out. now i can keep doing it with your blessings. LOVE you Pauly-wally! (this is such an emo moment)

...and i'm so glad today, my flickr account has been revived :) woot!

Monday, March 12, 2007


What does life hold for me?... How many planets are there in the milky way?... What would banana taste like with milo flakes???... As i ponder, hoping to find some universal truth, I stumble upon the greatest answer (actually 2nd to Jesus), Photobooth! Guaranteed to blow away all your monday blues. This is the 2nd time it has saved my day.


I used to be an introvert

I'm a bit more extroverted now. Good people gave me great advice. look outwards they say. Forms a solid self-esteem. Gives people a good impression of yourself. this moment i'm beginning to doubt it.

picasso did a number on me. now when you talk to me it would be eye-to-eye. get it! eye-to-eye! sordid bunch

for all those who are in shakers, who am i trying to depict here? ...think...yup. got it. WELL DONE!

ok enough for today, or my face is going to go into spasm.

now where did i put my botox?...

AND...a little shoutout to Sarah and the BUS COMPANY. Well Done :)